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Can you name the HIMYM Thanksgiving Episodes?

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Forced Order
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Belly Full Of Turkey: How Many Cups of Mayonnaise Does the Eriksen 7 Layer Salad Have
Belly Full Of Turkey: What Did Lily get Arressted for
Belly Full Of Turkey: Where Do Barney,Robin and Ted end up Spending Thanksgiving
Belly Full Of Turkey: What is the Game Called That is a Combination of Basketball and Ice Hockey
Belly Full Of Turkey: Where do the Ericksen's Live
Slapsgiving: The Four People I Love Most in the World and......
Slapsgiving: What is The Name Of Marshall's Song at the end of The Episode
Slapsgiving: What Does Robin Need Help With
Slapsgiving: Which two People Have Sex Together in this episode
Slapsgiving: What Was Bob's Real Age
Slapsgiving 2 Revenge Of The Slap: What do they call the look That Lily gives to people that make her Angry
Slapsgiving 2 Revenge Of The Slap: What Is The Game Lily's Dad Brings on Thanksgiving
Slapsgiving 2 Revenge Of The Slap: Robin Says She's Never Slapped Barney Where
Slapsgiving 2 Revenge Of The Slap: Marshall Says the Slap has to be Before What
Slapsgiving 2 Revenge Of The Slap: Who End Up Slapping Barney
Blitzgiving: What is The Blitz's Real Name
Blitzgiving: Name 1 of the 3 People Who Became the Blitz in this Episode
Blitzgiving: Which 2 people bacame Friends in this Episode
Blitzgiving: Where do they end up Spending Thanksgiving
Blitzgiving: What Does Ted Call His Creation of a Smaller Turkey Stuffed In a Bigger Turkey

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