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Can you name the Desperate Housewives Season 7?

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Forced Order
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Remember Paul: What is the Name of Lynette's College Friend we Meet in this Episode
You Must Meet My Wife: What Actress Plays Paul's new Wife Beth
Truley Content: What Does Tom's Doctor Recommend he should take
The Thing That Counts Is Whats Inside: What is the Name of Gaby's Biological Daughter
Let Me Entertain You: What did Gaby get when she was Younger
Excited and Scared: What did Bree dress up as for the Halloween Party
A Humiliating Buisness: What job does Lynette hire Susan to do
Sorry Grateful: What Holiday is it in this Episode
Pleasent Little Kingdom: Who does Renee Tell Susan Shes stll in love with
Down The Block There's A Riot: Who Gets Shot at the end of the Episode
Assassins:What Does Paul Find out about Beth
Where Do I Belong: What Does Susan learn about her Mum
I'm Still Here: What is the Name of Keith's Son
Flashback: Who is Reveled to have Shot Paul
Farewell Letter: Where do Gaby and Carlos Head off to In this Episode
Searching: Who Comits Suicide in this Episode
Everything's Different Nothing's Changed: Who Throws a Neighbourhood Party After Someone Comit Suicide
Moments In The Woods: What Secret Does Carlos find out
The Lies i'll Conceled: Who Does Susan have sex dreams about
I'll Swallow Poison On Sunday:Whats Felicia Poising Paul with
Then I Really Got Scared: What Horror Movie do Gaby and Juanita Watch
And Lots Of Security: What Does Lee tell Bree About Chuck
Come On Over For Dinner: Who Kills Gaby's Stepfather

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