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thing about the game/characterAnswer
'Gotta go fast!'
'Let's a go!'
main character is samus
main character is ash
Mario's brother
Big yellow fat person in mario
when you die, you hear 'Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaaake!'
Why would a hedgehog need a car when he is already super fast?
He has to different personalities
He's a big yellow blob eating other yellow blobs, running from ghosts
thing about the game/characterAnswer
(big hint in the question) game takes place on an alien halo planet
main character is a pink ball that can suck anything up and gain it's powers
one of his most used lines is 'HIYEAH!'
Main character for tomb raider
the point of this game is to break, place, and mine blocks, while avoiding creatures
you are stalked through a forest trying to find 8 pages, but you have to avoid a dark, horrifying creature
one of the most rage inducing medical games out there
one of the very first games
one of the main characters of GTA5
He throws barrels at mario trying to rescue someone that he took

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