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QUIZ: Can you name the various geographic names before and after?

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Name 1Geographic nameName 2
Small Middle Eastern country6 letter Oceanian capital
Eastern Mediterranean countryTop 3 largest country
South American DesertSouth American River
Capital starting with 'Y'Top 5 Canadian city
Brazilian non coastal cityCountry in the Alps
Two word African capitalTop 5 Russian city
6 letter Caribbean capitalLarge Middle Eastern Country
Northeastern US stateAfrican island nation
Country starting with 'R'Southern Spanish region
US state starting with 'A'African capital starting with 'B'
Name 1Geographic nameName 2
African DesertSouthern African capital
Capital of Great Lakes US stateAsian island nation
Central American countryCountry bordering Mozambique
Swiss CityCapital of US State bordering West Virginia
5 letter African countryGerman City starting with 'B'
Far Eastern Asian CapitalRiver in China
Capital of country bordering Kenya5 letter Oceanian country
UK city starting with 'C'Caribbean one word capital
African island nationCanadian island
African capital containing 3 'U'sEurasian mountain range

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