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Saruman encroaches on its borders
It is home to Caras Galadhon
It borders Buckland
Bilbo gives it to Frodo
Gandalf brandishes it when he confronts the Balrog
The shards of Narsil are reforged into it
The Black Riders are swept away in its flood
The Fellowship follow it for many miles immediately after leaving Moria
Old Man Willow grows on its bank
He is the conspirator who remains at Crickhollow
She marries Sam Gamgee
She is imprisoned in the Lockholes
He transports Gandalf and Pippin to Minas Tirith
He falls on Theoden, leading to the king's death
He outruns the Nazgul, bringing Glorfindel and Frodo safely to Rivendell
It is the site of the battle over the mithril coat
They guard the Black Gate
Once Minas Ithil, it has been corrupted by the presence of the Witch-king
He is Galadriel's husband and Lord of Lothlorien
He speaks the Common Tongue and guides the Fellowship to Caras Galadhon
He is the shipwright of the Grey Havens
It is home of the Sammath Naur, the Chambers of Fire
It defeats the Fellowship as they try to pass over the Misty Mountains
Minas Tirith extends from its eastern slopes
The Eye of Sauron burns atop it
The Ents cannot damage its black exterior
To Pippin's eyes, it glimmers like a 'spike of pearl and silver' when he first sees Minas Tirith
It is the inn in Bree
It is a hill on the Great East Road
It is the 'Seat of Seeing,' a hill overlooking the Great River
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