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Can you name the character's and places from Harry Potter?

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He is the 'boy who lived'
who is brought to live with his Aunt
who is the mother of
who is nearly kissed by a
which guarded the wizard prison
from whence escaped You-Know-Who's supporter
who used polyjuice potion to impersonate the auror
whose magical eye wound up in the peephole of
who was once the 'high inquisitor' of
which is located adjacent to the town of
in which is located the tavern
whose bartender is
who is put under the imperious curse by
who is the son of
who slipped a diary into the cauldron of
who is the daughter of
who, in the Battle of Hogwarts, famously dueled
who, in the Department of Mysteries, killed
who rode to safety on the back of
an animal cared for by
who went to search for giants with
who is the head of the wizard school
whose triwizard champion was
who married
who worked as a cursebreaker for
which was broken into with the help of the goblin
whose price was
which was pulled from the sorting hat by
who killed the snake
which inhabited the dead body of
who lived in the village of
which is the final resting place of
whose death changed the allegiance of
who killed
who is the brother of
who is the bartender of
which was the site of the formation of
which trained in the
which was the location of a kiss between a certain wizard and
who played Seeker for the house team of
which was the house of
who was held prisoner in a basement with
whose shop is located on
along which peddled the sneakthief
who was apprehended by
whose favorite master was
who stole the locket originally belonging to
who was an ancestor of
whose daughter was
whose son was
who became
who gained a new body with the help of
who was disguised as a rat belonging to
who dated
who, at lunchtime, spent time in the tower rooms of
whose magical subject did not impress
who attended the Yule Ball with
who, for the Triwizard Cup, battled against
who played Seeker for the house team of
the head of which is
whose Mandrake Restorative Draught revived those petrified by
which was the subject of boastful comments made by
who, after a memory charm backfired, wound up in
which, after a snake attack, was the place of recuperation for
who is the father of
who is the twin brother of
who lost an ear while traveling with
who announced the birth of his son at
which is the final resting place of
who died in the process of saving

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