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He's a vampire who used to be a poet
whose psychotic sire is
who cuts the throat of the slayer
whose death necessitates the call of the slayer
whose downward spiral begins when she kills the human
who works for
whose death happens concurrently with the explosion of
the hyena-fodder principal of which is
who is succeeded by
who keeps a close eye on the librarian
who smashes the power source of the demon
whose demon boss is
who offers a vengeance job to
who flays
who later appears as
the priest of which is
who injures the eye of
who casts a spell-gone-wrong with
who introduces a fellow witch to the magic dealer
who is later found by the floppy-eared demon
who is the occasional babysitter for
who was sought by the fashion-crazed
who brain-sucks the witch
whose family confronts her at
the site at which the slayer is time looped by
who is thought to be a fitting date for a formerly popular cheerleader by
who is originally part of the entourage of
who attempts to charm the vampire
whose sire is
who works for
whose vessel is
who is dusted at
which serves as the venue for Devon's band
the lead guitarist of which is
who is captured by the government organization
whose leader is the psychology professor
who creates the hybrid monster
who makes a human/demon hybrid monster out of the soldier
whose squad leader is
who dates the slayer
whose mother is
who hits with an axe

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