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Antibodies present in blood group AB
Mechanism in acute humoral rejection in which the system stops reacting and tissue survives
Antibodies present in blood group O
Prophylactic tx of hemolytic disease of newborn
Antibodies present in blood group A
Alloantibodies (and production of new antibodies against the graft) and host CTLs against major and minor alloantigens cause what type of graft rejection?
Inhibitor of acute humoral rejection
Humanized mAb
Mouse mAb
Half-life of a kidney even with immunosuppressants
What type of cell is critical in pregnancy to suppress alloreactivity to the fetus?
Antibodies in the recipient that are reactive with the foreign tissue or against MHC molecules of the graft is likely to cause what type of graft rejection?
Chimeric mAb
Immunosuppressive cytokine that can be secreted by tumors to promote angiogenic environment
Tx in acute humoral rejection to remove anti-donor antibodies
Antibodies present in blood group B
Endothelium expresses class II MHC and sometimes B7 and starts to behave like a lymph node in what type of graft rejection?
Women suffering from this immunodeficiency cannot give birth
Human antibody
Class II MHC molecule that helps NK cells convert to NK2 phenotype (pro-angiogenic, non-cytolytic)

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