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Bacteria w/ no cell wall
Prevalent among surfers
Silver stain
'Rice water' diarrhea
Exotoxin that causes pharyngitis by inactivating elongation factor EF-2
Causes mesenteric adenitis that can mimic Crohn's or appendicitis
Red currant jelly sputum
Bacterial structure that gives rigid support and protects against osmotic pressure
Infection w/ mycobacterium tuberculosis in nonimmune host
Bacteria w/ high lipid content in cell wall detected by carbolfuchsin in acid-fast stain
Gram positive + catalase positive + coagulase positive cocci in clusters
Major cause of blood diarrhea in children that commonly precedes Guillain-Barre syndrome
Tx of Neisseria
Expanding bull's eye red rash + flu-like symptoms + facial nerve palsy
Chronic pneumonia in cystic fibrosis patient
Flu-like symptoms + jaundice + photophobia w/ conjunctivitis
Anemia + thrombocytopenia + acute renal failure
Hilar node + Ghon focus in nonimmune host
Most common cause of otitis media in children
Edema factor of this microbe mimics adenylate cyclase enzyme and is responsible for black eschar on skin
Spastic paralysis + lockjaw
Severe pneumonia + GI symptoms after exposure from environmental water source
B-hemolytic bacteria causing meningitis in newborns
Name one urease-positive microbe
Cherry red epiglottis in child
Causes disseminated, non-TB disease in AIDS
Ability to take up naked DNA from the environment
Ingestion of these spores in honey causes floppy baby syndrome
Gram positive anaerobe w/ branching filaments
Name one bacteria that stains with Giemsa
Lobar pneumonia in alcoholics and diabetics
Gram negative cocci
Fibrocaseous cavity lesion in upper lobe
Confirm diagnosis of syphilis with
Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome
What type of antibiotic is ineffective against aerobes because they require O2 to enter bacterial cell?
Screen syphilis with
Most common cause of duodenal ulcers
Tx of Listeria meningitis in infants, immunocompromised, elderly
Type of leprosy characterized by low cell-mediated immunity with a humoral Th2 response
Rose spots on abdomen + fever + headache + diarrhea
Tx of gardnerella
Stain used to diagnose Whipple's disease
Bacterial structure resistant to dehydration, heat, and chemicals
Rickettsia and chlamydia are what type of microbes?
Central rash spreading out and sparing palms and soles
Lowenstein-Jensen agar is a special culture requirement for
Glove and stocking loss of sensation + spread by armadillos
Only bacterium with polypeptide capsule containing D-glutamate
Toxin prevents release of inhibitory neurotransmitters in spinal cord
Rash starting at wrists and ankles then spreads to trunk, palm, and soles
India ink stain
Name one facultative intracellular bug
Maculopapular rash on palms and soles
'Actin rockets' move thi facultative intracellular microbe from cell to cell
Substance on gram negative outer membrane that induces TNF and IL-1
Chocolate agar is a special culture requirement for
Pseudomembranous pharyngitis + lymphadenopathy
Quellung reaction occurs in microbes that possess a
Gram negative + oxidase positive microbe that grows at 42 degrees Celsius
Nausea/vomiting within 1-5 hours of eating warm rice
Weakly acid fast branching filamentous bacteria
Group A streptococci expresses this virulence factor that helps prevent phagocytosis
Strawberry tongue + impetigo + polyarthritis
Diabetes + malignant otitis externa
Host antibodies against this toxin used to diagnose rheumatic fever
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis in vertebral body
Novobiocin resistant gram positive cocci
Prophylactic tx of M. avium-intracellulare
Strain of E. coli that invades intestinal mucosa and causes necrosis and inflammation, no toxins produced
E. coli exotoxin that causes watery diarrhea by overactivating guanylate cyclase and decreasing NaCl/H2O resorption in gut
Toxin prevents release of stimulatory signals at neuromuscular junctions resulting in flaccid paralysis
Tx of Lyme disease
Gram positive + catalase negative diplococci + positive quellung reaction
Black colonies on cystine-tellurite agar
Tx of Nocardia
Penicillins and cephalosporins act in this phase of the bacteria growth curve
Novobiocin sensitive gram positive cocci
Citrobacter, Klebsiella, E. coli, Enterobacter, and Serratia are tested in what type of media?
Strain of E. coli that produces Shiga-like toxin and hemolytic-uremic syndrome
Staph aureus expresses this virulence factor that binds Fc region of Ig and prevents phagocytosis
Bacitracin resistant + B-hemolytic bacteria that colonizes the vagina
Colonizes the gut and can cause bacteremia and subacute endocarditis in colon cancer patients
Gray vaginal discharge w/ fishy smell
Strain of E. coli that includes labile toxin/stable toxin and no inflammation or invasion
Normal flora of oropharynx that causes dental caries
Pseudomembranous colitis secondary to antibiotic use
Blue-green pigment
Type of leprosy characterized by high cell-mediated immunity with largely Th1 response
Yellow sulfur granules
Transfer of plasmid and chromosomal genes
Red pigment-producing bacteria
Cat scratch disease
Associated w/ wound and burn infections
Painless chancre
Tellurite plate, Loffler's media are special culture requirements for
Bacterial structure that mediates adherence to surfaces, especially foreign surfaces
Yellow pigment-producing bacteria
People with chronic granulomatous disease have recurrent infections with microbes that are
No rash + monocytes with berry-like inclusions in cytoplasm
Gas gangrene and 'double zone' of hemolysis on blood agar
Strain of E. coli that adheres to apical surface, flattens villi, prevents absorption
Tx of H. influenzae meningitis
Most common cause of meningitis
Name one bacteria that does not Gram stain well
Eaton's agar is a special culture requirement for
Spiral-shaped bacteria visualized by dark-field microscopy
Tx of actinomyces
Bacterial virulence factor that binds Fc region of Ig and prevents opsonization and phagocytosis
E. coli exotoxin that causes watery diarrhea by overactivating adenylate cyclase, increasing Cl- secretion in gut
Exotoxin that causes GI mucosal damage and dysentery by removing adenine from rRNA to inactivate 60S ribosome
Substance on gram positive cell walls that induces TNF and IL-1

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