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Drug class of Clonidine and Guanfacine
Tx for panic disorder, OCD
Trade name: Tofranil
2nd generation Haldol
Start slowly and titrate
Side effect SA node interference
Trade name: Lexapro
Trade name: Serzone
Contraindicated in porphyria
Atypical antipsychotic w/ no EPS or prolactin side effects
Trade name: Luvox
Trade name: Dexedrine
BZD receptor --> enhances GABA effect --> hyperpolarize
Mechanism of antipsychotics w/ long term side effect of tardive dyskinesia
Drug class of Duloxetine
Trade name: Cymbalta
Historic for depression, current for pain management
Not approved for depression
What antidepressant should you avoid giving anxiety pt because it can cause agitation and increase anxiety?
Side effects hypertensive crisis with tyramine-containing foods, OTC weight loss drugs, decongestants, DA drugs
Anxiolytic in pregnancy category D (do not use)
Trade name: Straterra
Tx anxiety, alcohol withdrawal, insomnia, seizures
TCA for panic disorder
Drug class gold standard for tx of anxiety disorders
Antipsychotic w/ agranulocytosis as short-term side effect
Trade name: Geodon
2-3 day+ half life, also weekly formulation
Side effect possible liver failure
Low dose: atypical antipsychotic; High dose: typical antipsychotic
Trade name: Anafranil
Trade name: Clozaril
Drug class of Atomoxetine
Off-label treats mania
D2 partial agonist, 5HT2A antagonist
No monitoring required
Interactions w/ Warfarin, phenytoin, valproic acid
Trade name: Focalin
Trade name: Depakote
Antihistamine side effects, good for cancer pts
Treatment resistant depression
GABA receptor agonist --> increase chloride ion conductance --> hyperpolarize
Block 5HT, NE reuptake; block a1/H1/mACh
Trade name: Ritalin, Concerta
Best SNRI for pts with hypertension
Trade name: Wellbutrin
High doses can cause EPS, increased prolactin
Serotonin PRESYNAPTIC reuptake inhibitor
Trade name: Invega
Dopamine activity may be useful in brain injury
Contraindicated in seizure, electrolyte disorders
Trade name: Effexor
Mood stabilizer
Trade name: Remeron
Trade name: Zoloft
Very sedating (short term), very high weight gain (long term) atypical antipsychotic
High-potency typical antipsychotic
Trade name: Seroquel
Trade name: Zyprexa
Side effect priapism
Trade name: Abilify
Trade name: Pristiq
3rd generation Haldol
Low-potency typical antipsychotic
5HT1A partial agonist
Drug class of Venlafaxine
Side effects increased QTc, ↓ weight gain/ cardiometabolic risk
Trade name: Adderall
Side effect toxic epidermal necrolysis
Trade name: Celexa
Trade name: Paxil
Trade name: Risperdal
Drug class of Citalopram
Antipsychotic approved for peds
Inhibits 5HT reuptake, a1 and 5HT2A/C antagonist
Atypical antidepressant
Lorazepam, Oxazepam, Temazepam are the preferred benzos because they do not require what?
Side effects rash (--> SJS), agranulocytosis, hyponatremia
Drug class of Mirtazapine
SSRI good for patients on multiple drugs
Trade name: Lamictal
Dose-related increased BP
Emergency antipsychotic
Trade name: Thorazine
Side effects agitation, akathisia, less sedating
Trade name: Prozac
Trade name: Buspar
Serotonin agonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI)
Historical use for anxiety, replaced by benzos
Drug class of Paroxetine
Trade name: Haldol
Anticonvulsant that inhibits voltage-gated Na+ channels, glutamate release, ?Ca2+ channels?
Suicide prevention
Drug class of Fluoxetine
Very lethal in overdose, increased QT interval
Trade name: Tegretol
Drug class of Sertraline
a2 antagonist --> disinhibit NE release, increase 5HT
Trade name: Vyvanse

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