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Renal transplant recipient on cyclosporine, prednisone & mycophenolate with nodular RLL infiltrate and seizure
Hydrops in 1st trimester
40 yo female, pain on right chest, vesicular rash on T8 dermatome
Visceral larva migrans
67 yo male with prostate cancer. To suppress adrenals, high dose what?
Visited the 4 Corners, SOB
48 yo female w/ AML and chemo tx, fever w/ hemoptysis + chest pain
Calabar swellings (transient inflammatory rxns)
Autoinfection characteristic of what worm?
Freshwater lakes
Baby born with limb hypoplasia
DNA virus replicating in cytoplasm
Raw oysters, fever, nausea, vomiting
32 yo AIDS pt with 2 weeks of fever, dry cough, exertional tachypnea
'Big cryptosporidium', causes watery diarrhea, fatigue
Headaches, nuchal rigidity, fever, CSF gram stain negative
Baby born with patent ductus arteriosus, blueberry muffin rash
Virus w/ complete elimination from host
Pt w/ newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (B-cell defect) presents w/ lobal pneumonia
9 yo female w/ 2 days fever, headache, vomiting, stiff neck; normal UA/CBC/glucose, slightly elevated protein + lymphocytes
Essential therapy of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
67-year-old man in SICU on broad-spectrum antibiotics with mechanical ventilation and RUL infiltrate
68 yo male w/ COPD, exacerbation, CXR infiltrate
Sore throat, pseudomembrane on exam
Child w/ sore throat, vesicles on hands, feet, mouth
ssDNA virus
Farmer moving hay, gets fever
Infant wheezing, autumn
9 mo w/ fever that goes away, followed by skin rash
IVDU w/ fever and pleuritic chest pain, purulent/productive cough, diffuse infiltrate on CXR
3 day measles
35 yo immigrant presents with new onset seizures
Mucocutaneous satellite lesions
32 yo AIDS pt w/ disseminated histo gets hypertension, hypokalemia, edema due to toxicity from?
Nonseptate, branch at right angles
39 yo alcoholic w/ fever, productive cough, halitosis
48 yo male w/ foul-smelling, non-bloody diarrhea 2 months after backpacking
58 yo male w/ AML and neutropenia experiencing flashing lights and scotomas due to?
30 yo male returning from hiking trip with foul-smelling diarrhea, flatulence. Tx?
Blueberry muffin rash in infant
Dewdrop on rose petal rash, began on chest
Renal failure pt receiving desferrioxamine chelation at risk for
DNA virus that replicates in the cytoplasm
Helminth that migrates thru alveoli, bronchioles, bronchi, trachea, get coughed up and swallowed again. Only the second time they enter the gut do they become adult worms.
23 yo female 'practically lives on sushi', vitamin B12 deficiency
Right angle branching
GMS or immunofluorescent stain of sputum
Ixodes tick
24 yo with 2 days bloody diarrhea after travel
15 yo w/ sore throat, generalized LAD, HSM, negative rapid strep
Left upper lobe infiltrate in patient with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma
Treatment of onchocerciasis
Community outbreak of pneumonias traced to faulty grocery store vegetable display case sprayers
6 yo develops new onset enuresis, mother notices he wiggles in his chair more at the dinner table, scratching bottom
Congenital infxn, mono-like illness in adults, pneumonia in immunocompromised, no reactivation in immunocompetent adults
Dry cough, fever, malaise, myalgia
Mono spot test (+)
7 yo brought to ER w/ 2 day history of fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, puppy had diarrhea 2 weeks ago, stool negative for oocysts/parasites
32 yo w/ HIV, fever, fatigue, miliary pattern in lung
Congenital infxn from maternal contact w/ cat feces
MCC pneumonia in HIV patients
Starry sky, lumpy jaw, African child
MCC viral conjunctivitis
Fewer than 20 RNA copies/mL
Protozoan diarrhea in HIV pt
Virus with non-neutralizing antibodies that enhance virus uptake into monocytes/macrophages
Side effects of SJS, alopecia, nausea, vomiting
CNS problems w/ pulmonary manifestation
Kid w/ lesions at different spots at different times
Brain biopsy shows astrogliosis, spongiform changes, neuronal loss, no inflammatory response
Post-surgical empyema
Diarrhea in children
Fever, seizures, pneumonia in winter
Purple skin lesions in AIDS patient
MCC viral meningitis
Side effects of visual scotomas, transaminase elevations
Violaceous papules and nodules on the face and ear
Anti-HBsAg and no Anti-HBcAg
Barking cough, steeple sign on imaging
COPD patient with cavitary lung disease, lives in Mississippi River Valley
MCC corneal blindness in United States
48 yo asthma pt, RUL infiltrate, CXR w/ LLL infiltrate, respiratory alkalosis, peripheral eosinophilia
MCC pneumonia in CF patients
Chronic anemia
Fever + rash, normal UA/CBC
MCC common cold
Virus that blocks binding to Fc and blocks opsonization
3 mo infant, irritable, feeds poorly, frequent vomit, 45th percentile weight, 96th percentile head circumference, white-yellow chorioretinal lesions, intracranial calcifications on
Apical cavitary lesion in 48-year-old man released from prison 3 years ago
Rapidly progressing pre-senile dementia, myoclonus, gait disturbance
Reduviid bug
MCC pneumonia in burn victim
CF patient suddenly deteriorates
Rotavirus core antigen
Treatment for RSV
28 yo African-American living in SoCal, fever, weight loss, skin lesions, supraclavicular lymph node
56 yo male w/ COPD + diabetes, rapid weight loss, brown productive sputum, RUL infiltrate + branching
Capsule stains w/ India Ink
Flu season
Nodules on arm after Arbor Day activities
Viral diarrhea in HIV pt
Cardiomegaly, megacolon
25 yo female, 2 days of headache, pain on urination, genital ulceration w/ vesicular lesions
True or False: In general, height of RPR is associated w/ dz activity
Enlarged cervical lymph nodes (Winterbottom sign)
2 weeks after possible HIV exposure, ELISA test negative. Next test?
Eosinophilic alveolar exudate
Direct contact w/ characteristic lesion does not lead to transmission
Fever, back pain
18 yo female w/ sore throat, fatigue, fever, atypical lymphocytes
Cysts in meat
Red papule enlarges to ulcer w/ granulomatous base and heaped up margins
Treatment for recurring HSV2
Outbreak related to water spraying
Empyema from rupture of hepatic abscess into pleural cavity
Double-stranded RNA virus
AIDS pt w/ bad headache
Harbored by bamboo rats
Respiratory illness in spring
Superinfection in HBV pt w/ HDV, acute or chronic?
Ameboflagellate associated w/ Enterobius infxn, linked to chronic abdominal pain
High fever, black vomitus, jaundice
Endocarditis, septic emboli, nodular pulmonary infiltrates
Headache, scratchy throat, runny nose, fever
Pt drank water that ran through animal farm, acid fast staining of pt's feces showed protozoan resistant to chlorine
72 yo w/ laparotomy, kidney failure + broad spectrum abx, fever, + for yeast and germ tubes
41 yo male w/ oral thrush, cervical LAD, single contrast enhancing lesion in frontal lobe
38 yo female, obtunded w/ acidosis and high glucose, oral lesions
Transmitted fecal-orally, disrupts alpha motor neuron
24 yo w/ fever, tachycardia, lung base rales, cardiomegaly, ST-T changes
SE Asia, AIDS patient
True or False: RPR detects AB to outer membrane proteins of T. pallidum
AIDS/HIV, skin lesions after visit to Thailand
Single-stranded DNA virus
Young person infected with HBV, acute or chronic?
What test do you order after a + saliva rapid HIV test?
Binds to ergosterol and disrupts cell membrane
Class of viruses that has single polyprotein cleaved into smaller proteins
Prophylaxis at CD4 ~200
Sore throat, fever, desquamating rash that feels like sandpaper
Freshwater cercariae
Sore throat, bad breath, +/- submandibular swelling
Acute respiratory, keratoconjunctivitis, diarrhea
Slapped-cheek rash, fever, lacy rash on extremities
Treatment for varicella lesions
HBsAg(-), IgM anti-HBc(-), total anti-HBc(+), anti-HBs(+)
Characterized by a large nucleus, a prominent kinetoplast, and a short axoneme by light microscopy
Black fly
Corneal scarring on exam, hyperpigmentation of skin
38 yo Peruvian immigrant, difficulty swallowing liquids, dilated esophagus, peristalsis absent
MCC sporadic viral encephalitis
Apical cavities, risk factors, night sweats
72 yo smoker w/ outpatient squamous lung cancer, total occlusion of RUL bronchus, 2 weeks later presents w/ fever, cough, bad-tasting sputum, RUL consolidation
28 yo from SoCal, fever, skin lesions, supraclavicular lymph node; round w/ endospores
Amorphous branching
MRI of liver shows large cyst, non-infiltrative; aspiration, scolidical agent injection, reaspiration
HepB vaccine type
Erythema infectiosum rash
5 day hike in US, large-volume diarrhea 4 days later, persists 11 days, periumbilical pain, flagellate in stool
3 mo malnourished, 2 days watery diarrhea, fever, dehydration
Zookeeper w/ abrupt onset neurological deficits
Tsetse fly
Alcoholic w/ apical lower lobe or upper lobe infiltrate
Large glycogen-like vacuoles
Larvae in stool
Broad-based bud
Romaña sign (unilateral painless periorbital swelling)
Cutaneous larva migrans, 'creeping eruption'
Bacterial diarrhea in HIV pt
55 yo from Arkansas, after hunting/fishing, warty facial lesion
Elderly wheezing
Neutropenic leukemic patient on broad-spectrum antibiotic with wedge-shaped RLL peripheral infiltrate and hemoptysis
22 yo female w/ aggressive acne, given doxycycline, develops pruritic/curdy vaginal discharge
28 yo w/ proximal nailbed whiteness, previously healthy
Allylamine that inhibits squalene epoxidase, activity against dimorphic fungi
28 yo athlete with itchy feet
System symptoms followed by appearance of grouped vesicles on erythematous base on genitals
Liver fluke that lives in copulo throughout life, tends to get trapped in tissue and organs, granulomas form around them (TH2 response)
Liver capsule infxn, RUQ pain
South American
Scrape with KOH prep, hyphae among epithelial cells
Drug that works on beta-1,3 fungal wall
Aedes aegytpi mosquito
Candida kruseii resistant to what kind of antifungal?
Small child w/ itchy hands and feet
Thrush treatment
HIV pts, renal transplant pts, TNF-inhibitor pts at risk for
Antigen used for HIV-1 testing at blood banks
MC congenital infection
Anti-HBsAg and Anti-HBcAg
Mechanical ventilation in hospital in elderly or alcoholic, cavities in lung, currant jelly sputum

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