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Guanosine analog, phosphorylated by tyrosine kinase, incorporated into DNA chain, leading to DNA chain termination
Cytokine that induces antiviral state via induction of cellular genes
True or False? Acyclovir is necessary for normal toddlers and children < 10 yrs.
HIV drug class w/ side effect insulin resistance
Guanosine analog, alters nucleotide pools and mRNA formation, blocks RNA elongation
Neuraminidase inhibitor, oral, blocks NA
Best drug for VZV
Treatment of hepatitis C
Drug that may cause bone marrow suppression
RSV prophylaxis
Pregnant nurses should be careful administering the aerosolized form of this drug
Herpes simplex drug associated w/ TTP and HUS
Immune response modulator, TLR7 agonist, topical tx of genital warts
CMV drug associated w/ electrolyte abnormalities
Give to HIV patients w/ CMV retinitis
Neuraminidase inhibitor spray
Side effects anemia, N/V/D, myopathy in pts on statin
Side effect is bronchospasm
Drug that allows qd dosing of another drug
Antisense oligonucleotide that inhibits CMV replication by binding to mRNA transcripts
Pyrophosphate analog
Guanosine analog, phosphorylated by tyrosine kinase, added to growing nucleotide chain
Treatment of HSV1/2, VZV
M2 ion channel inhibitor, blocks viral uncoating
Treatment of RSV
Mineral/electrolyte abnormalities
HIV drug class w/ lactic acidosis, fat atrophy side effect
Treatment of CMV
Preferred initial treatment for hepatitis B
A/H1N1 resistant tx
True or False? CMV is not susceptible to acyclovir

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