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QUIZ: Can you name the True Jackson VP Episodes?

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1while selling sandwitches True Jackson gets an offer from Max Madigan to be the newest Vice President of Mad Style, but True conciders quitting because of some mean staff members, but in the end she fires her mean assistant Cricket and Hires Lulu her best friend to do the job.
2Lulu does a poor job as True's assistant and gets fired but True feels bad and rehires her.
3True is assigned to watch over the teen supermodel Dakota North but things go bad when Dakota decides to run off.
4True is put incharge of the new Ryan Sheckler line at Mad Style and True decides to go to Ryan's skate club to check things out, but when someone comments about Ryan, True and Lulu sign him up for a competition not knowing that he cannot skateboard
5True discovers that Amanda's boyfriend Chad Bracket is cheating on her, Lulu becomes Mr. Madigan's accountant and She suspects that his IRS agent is Santa Clause.
6True unknowingly takes a dress from the dress vault and gave it to Lulu to wear to a dance, but later finds out that the dress is top secret and attempts to find Lulu
7True and Amanda compete to impress a stubborn Icelandic designer.
8Amanda is attending her highschool reunion and is planning to get revenge on a former classmate.
9 True tries to help Mr. Madigan by setting him up with her school librarian Doris meanwhile Oscar and Amanda find they share a love of a sci-fi show
10Mr. Madigan's rival Simon Christini comes to visit for their yearly competition, meanwhile Simon tries to persuade True to take a job at Christini Fashion
Episode NumberEpisodeInformation
11In hopes of lightening the mood, Mr. Madigan creates the Company Retreat day but the host Mr. Madigan hires is a little over the top, meanwhile Amanda's new assistant, Coral Barns tries to get revenge on Amanda for firing her sister.
12True discovers that she has a company credit card, but she overspends and gets in trouble with Mad Style's accountant.
13True is hired to design a dress for a TV actress, but the actress wants to make hideaous alterations to the dress, meanwhile, Mr. Madigan hires Ryan to design a new company website.
14True gives Mr. Madigan an idea that involves switching places for the day although fun at first, True switches places with Mr. Madigan and ruins a design.
15Mr. Madigan returnes from Africa with the discovery of an eco friendly cloth, meanwhile True shows a college studet around the offices who is really a spy for Simon Christini and Ryan is desperate to uncover it.
16When True's rival Pinky shows up at the offices Amanda hires her and True cannot concentrate
17When Doris rejects Max's proposal he tries to come up with a more creative way.
18When Ella in accounting gets hurt, Lulu must take over and True's temporary assistant is her science teacher, Mr. Jameson, meanwhile Lulu tries to figure out a complicated math problem
19When Mikey J throws a house party Lulu worries that he has forgotten about their relationship, meanwhile Ryan invites Amanda to the party to make Kelsea jealous
20-21When True's grades slip due to work stress True's dad tells her that if her grades don't improve she will have to quit her job.

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