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Akatsuki Master of GenjustsuAmaterasu
Former One Taled Shukaku HostSand Coffin
Female Toad SageSage Art: Goemon
Male Toad SageSage Art: Wind Release Stream
ex-ANBU agent with SharinganLightning Blade
Has Multiple Sharingan on his armsWind Release Vacuum Wave
Medical Ninjutsu master from the SoundForbidden Death Soul Jutsu
Female member of TakaMind's Eye of the Kagura
Corpse made into the Deva path of PainAlmighty Push
Path of Pain that Jiraiya defeated before dyingSummoning Jutsu
Bloodthirsty swordsman of the mistWater Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Other Bloodthirsty Swordsman of the mistWater Shark Bomb Jutsu
Female member of Team EbisuPudding Pudding Technique
the Pig of the LeafHog Style: TonTon
Has a 'split' personalityMayfly
One of the two known hosts of the RenniganAlmighty Push
the other known host of the RenniganUniversal Pull
The Mastermind who stole Pain's RenniganSoul Removal
Goes into killing fits randomly!Cursed Seal Chakra Blast
Immortal Man who Worships JashinCurse Technique: Death Controlling Posessed Blood
Siamese TwinsKunai Knife Apparition
The only living Legendary Sanin.Heaven Kick of Pain
Tsunade's loyal apprenticeCherry Blossom Impact
Tsunade's personal medical ninjaNinja Art: Poison Fog
Origami user of the AkatsukiShikigami Dance
Oldest Member of the Akatsuki at 91 years oldFire Release: Searing Migrane
Youngest Member of the Akatsuki at 19Exploding Clay Minions
Inventor of the Reanimation JutsuWhite Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu
Lost his Parents to the NinetalesSealed Bomb Square Release
Leaf Higher-Up known as Uber BrowsDynamic Entery
Host of the Eight-Tailed Giant OxSeven Swords Dance
Konoha's Yellow FlashFlying Thunder God Technique
Brother of the Fifth KazekageBlack Secret Technique: Salamander
Brother of Hashirama SenjuWater Release: Water Shockwave
Fifth MizukageLava Release: Melting Apparition Technique
Mind Reading 'Humane' InterrogatorMind Body Disturbance Technique
Former now deceased host of the Nine Tailed Demon FoxChakra Chains
Tsunade's Younger BrotherNone
Hidden Mist Hunter nin.Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors
Only person besides Naruto, Konohamaru, and Kakashi to hit PainGentle Step Twin Lion Fists
Hinata Hyuga's younger sister4 Palms of Pain
Gave his Sharingan to Kakashi HatakeFire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Posesses the Blaze ReleaseFire Release: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
Owner of AkamaruMan Beast Combination Transformation: Double Headed Wolf
First of the Sanin to DieSummoning: Triple Roshomon
Has the Cells of the First Hokage in himWood Release: Wood Spikes Ring
Currently in Posession of Zabuza Momochi's SwordWater Release: Demon Fish Wave Crash
Trained not to have any EmotionsInk Mist Technique
Employer of Haku and Zabuza Momochinone
Tsunade's now deceased loverSpirit Transformation Technique
weakest member of the Sound FourFour Black Fog Battle Formation
Second Strongest Member of the Sound FourDemon Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
Most Intelligent member of the Sound FourRain of Spiders
Former Leader of the Sound FourDance of the Willow
Owner of Ichiraku's Ramen Barnone
Daughter of owner of Ichiraku's Ramen Barnone
The Seventh Path of PainOuter Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique
Lover of now deceased Asuma SarutobiWind Release: Eyes of the Hawk
likes Blood..... and DangoHidden Shadow Snake Hands
Deidara's SenseiDust Release: Dusk Cone Technique
Killed by undead Deidara during the fourth Great Shinobi World WarDestrution Bug Host Technique
The caretaker of Gaara who was murdered by Gaara.Manipulating Attack Blades
Posseses the only Byakugan in the MistProtective Tag Barrier
Shy seven swordsmanHiramekarei Unleashing
The Rapper's 'Bro'Lightning opression horizontal
Riakage's medical bodyguardLightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar
Former leader of AmegakureSummoning Technique: Ibuse
Current Host of the Nine Taled Demon FoxWind Release:Rasenshuriken
Tricked Naruto into Stealing the Hokage's ScrollEarth Release: Underground Fish Projection Technique
The Wind Release Using Otonin Decapitating Airwaves
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