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Rocks: Materials of the Solid Earth
What helps us understand the origin of rocks and how they are connected?
What type of rock forms as magma cools and crystallizes?
Molten rock generated by partial melting of rocks in Earth's mantle and in the lower crust
What is molten rock that reaches the surface called?
Igneous rocks that form when molten rock solidifies at the surface
Igneous rocks that form at depth are termed what?
What describes the overall appearance of an igneous rock based on the size and arrangement of its interlocking crystals?
Igneous rocks that form rapidly at the surface or as small masses within the upper crust have what type of texture?
Rocks containing voids are said to display what texture?
Large crystals embedded in a matrix of smaller crystals has what type of texture?
Rapid cooling may generate a rock having what texture?
Igneous rocks in which quartz and potassium feldspar are the dominant minerals have what composition?
Geologists refer to granitic rocks as being what? (Rhymes with gelsic)
Rocks that contain substantial dark silicate minerals are said to have what composition?
Basaltic rocks containing a high percentage of dark silicate minerals are refered to as what?
Rocks with a composition between granitic and basaltic are said to have what composition?
Peridotite is composed almost entirely of dark silicate minerals, its chemical composition is referred to as what?
At successively lower temperatures, other minerals begin to crystallize. This arrangement of minerals is known as what?
Occurs when the earlier formed minerals are more dense than the liquid portion and sink toward the bottom of the chamber
The formation of one or more secondary magmas from a single parent magma
Rocks: Materials of the Solid Earth
The rock cycle shows the origin of what rocks?
Particles broken down further during the transport phase
Sedimentary rocks that form from solid particles from weathered rocks are called
When dissolved substances are precipitated back as solids they are called what rocks?
Remaining deposits from 'arms of the sea'
Process by which sediments are transformed into solid sedimentary rocks
The single most characteristic feature of sedimentary rocks
Traces of remains of prehistoric life
Produced from preexisting igneous sedimentary or even other of the same type of tocks
Process that leads to changes in the mineralogy texture and chemical composition of rocks
What takes place when rock is intruded by magma
Large-scale deformation
Refers to any planer arrangement of mineral grains or structural features within a rock
Metamorphic rocks that do not exhimbit a foliated texture
Composed of unusually large crystals
Most important ore deposits are generated from
Fluid moves along fractures or bedding planes, where it cools and percipitates the metallic ions to produce
Important type of accumulation generated by hydrothermal activity

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