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Can you name the things that doctors are not??

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What am I, a doctor or a(n)...person who directs lunar crafts
Me, I'm a doctor. If I were a(n)...military man
I'm a surgeon, not a(n)...person who medicates emotional problems
I'm a doctor, not a...contruction worker with a certaintype of building material
Look, I'm a doctor, no a(n)...motorized staircase
I'm a doctor, not a(n)...Scotty, on the other hand, is
I'm not a(n) ________, Spock, just an old country with a suspicious hat and a white rabbit
I'm a doctor, not a(n)...Person who retreives fossil fuel from caverns
Damn it man, I'm a doctor, not a(n)...Scientist of the universe and everything contained by it
I'm a doctor, not a(n)...gardener
I'm a doctor, not a(n)...Temporal student
I'm a doctor, Mr. Neelix, not a(n)Person who makes homes pretty
I'm a doctor, not a(n)The episode 'the Cage' indicates a similarity between these two confessional professions
I'm a doctor, not a(n)peeping tom
I'm a doctor, not a(n)Or is he a master of entertainment
I'm a doctor, not a(n) antispy
I'm a doctor, not a(n)Fuel source for videogames
I'm a doctor, not a(n)One who slaughters flying lizards
I'm a doctor, not a(n)One who takes care of animals in captivity
I'm a doctor, not a(n)something like an encyclopaedia

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