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Essential for skydiversSport
Still images taken on filmHobby/Profession/Media
I like all the bright colours on this. Commonly found in Diner windows.Technology
No, it isn't a bird, or supermanVehicle
Makes for the perfect casual/formal look. Has a namesake clothing companyApparel
Remember that Mickey Mouse cartoon?Vehicle
This generic medicine inhibits the growth of bacteria inside one's bodyMedicine
Dagger/Sword attachment to rifles to make spearsWeapon
Writing system by the blind, for the blindMedia
Makes math so much easierTechnology
Jazzy kind of place for spoken word poetry and other performancesPlace
Drive alive, stay sober, call a________Vehicle
Garden scissorsOutdoors
I can't beleive it's not butter!Food
The modern day theatre; hopefully featuring Johnny DeppMedia
Sure, you could bring an umbrella, but yellow is such a pretty colour for this waterproof jacketApparel
For measuring or maintaining spin-orientationMathematics
The entire world except for the U.S.A. employ this ten base measurement. This includes things like centimeters, kilometers, etc.Mathematics
An ancient torture device, used to behead criminalsTorture Device
Doctors listen to your cardio activity with thisMedicine
It's easier than a needle and threadTechnology
Don't litter, use one of theseEveryday item
On the subject of being green, use this common vehicle instead of a carVehicle

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