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Used to measure atmospheric pressure.Science
Classical instrument, rock instrument, jazz instrument; a versatile music maker!Music
Makes a traditional italian coffee.Appliance
A tilting train used in Europe and some parts of eastern AsiaTransportation
A more prestigious post secondary education.Education
Go here to invest, deposit, and withdraw cash.Utility
Colourful pellets that are thrown in celebration.Party
Telecommunications system like sending an email and a paper letter; at the same time!Communication
A denser, more flavourful ice cream. It is also low fat and higher in sugar.Food
A spectacle far less icky than removing contact lensesMedcine
Popular as fast food; but authentic margherita is like an epic journey in your mouth.Food
Internal combustion engine; commonly seen attached to old train wheels.Transportation
Used to gauge temperatureScience/Medicine
Smalled string intrument, almost exclusive to classic symphony (and country). Music
Used to clock wind speed.Science

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