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ClueInventionType of invention
A question and answer type of competitionMedia
A game wherein player must but a spherical object into a mesh tub suspended overheadSport
Super feminine suspensionApparel
A device that can relocate solid precipitation.Technology
A highly addictive phone.Technology/Communication
Illuminating lamp accesory (the patent was sold to an American)Technology
A primitive audio-only handheld tranmission unit.Technology/Communication
A bubbly drink; suprisingly low in lactose. (two words)Food/Drink
A portable fuel source built for things like video games.Technology
A game of seemingly useless information (two words)Game
Useful for redecorating walls (two words)Hand tool
ClueInventionType of invention
Discovered by Banting and Best, and very useful to diabetics all over the world. Medical
Auditory lighthouse Navigation
Scoff now, but this invention is essential for a certain defender on hockey teams (two words)Sports
This famous fictitious life-saver was co-created by a CanadianMedia
GO BLUE JAYS! (--Canada's only team in America's favourite passtime)Sport
The first vehicle to exceed the speed of sound (hint, it was a plane and it was rebuilt circa 2006) (Two words)Vehicle
Adjust the flux capacitor, we're BACK TO THE FUTURE (Fun fact, Michael J Fox is also Canadian)Vehicle
Do they have Bell in the U.S.A.?Technology/ Communication
If you have cardio problems, you will need one of theseMedical
It's faster than harvesting wheat (such as Marquis or fictional quatrotriticale) by handAgriculture
This invention is what withstands all that water pressure for the whales in the aquariumContainment

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