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'Favorite vines other than ______ vines.'
Over how many house elves die in toilet-related incidents per year
What happened do the dementor that kissed Umbridge?
'Oh my God _________!'
Which accent do Harry and Ron love saying 'Red Wines' in?
Is the Sorting Hat on Team Edward or Team Jacob?
'Hermione can't ______!'
Who is Hermione's second-favorite superhero?
What is Umbridge's favorite flower?
According to Harry's lying aunt and uncle, what animal gave him his scar?
'Oh my God you're so ____!'
'What the _____ is going on here?'
'____ _____, what the hell can't they do?'
'I despise _________ and mudbloods.'
'Hey guys, who invited ____ ______?'
'That's _____'s mom.'
What do Harry and Ron hope Hermione's present is?
What Star Wars character makes an appearance in the patronus scene?
'You have a ____ nose now.'
Ron is sorted as what by the Scarf of Sexual Preference?
'So many _________ in my face.'
'I eat nothing but protein shakes, _______ _____, and rocks!'
What flavor bean does Ron get?
'We don't prefer Gandolf, Merlin, or ___!'
What does Harry call Ginny?
'You're Harry _________ Potter!'
'There's no way we're losing to Slytherin, or Ravenclaw, or ____________.'
What is Snape endlessley called throughout the musical?
Under what does Snape keep the photo of Lily?
Who is Draco's real father?

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