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QUIZ: Can you name the Day of the dead orrnaments?

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the category marigold's are inin spanish
the maskin spanish
mexican blanketsin spanish
chocolate full of spicesin spanish
the guitarin spanish
sugar skullsin spanish
the drumin spanish
skelatonin spanish
a famous flower in day of the deadin spanish
the alter of the offeringin spanish
the butterflyin spanish
the Mexican musiciansin spanish
the child's soul/ little angelin spanish
bread of the deadin spanish
the crossin spanish
candiesin spanish
the candlesin spansih
the second day of day of the deadin spanish
the cemetaryin spanish
the incensein spanish
toysin spanish
the candlestick holderin spanish
mariachi musicin spanish
the gravein spanish
paper mache figurein spanish
the skullin spanish
the first day of day of the deadin spanish
the night of sorrow, Nov 1in spanish
the dance of the old onesin spanish
the coffinin spanish
paper cut out bannerin spanish

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