Song of Ice and Death

Can you name the characters killed in a Song of Ice and Fire? (SPOILERS)

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Killed by the Others while ranging beyond the WallGame of Thrones
Captain of the Stark guard, killed in King's Landing by Lannister men Game of Thrones
Killed by Bronn in a trial by battle in the EyrieGame of Thrones
Crowned with molten gold by a Dothraki khalGame of Thrones
Gored to death by a boar while hunting in the KingswoodGame of Thrones
Knight and acting First Ranger of the Night's Watch, killed by a wight at Castle BlackGame of Thrones
Heir of House Hornwood betrothed to Alys Karstark, killed at the battle of the Whispering Wood after crossing swords with Ser Jaime LannisterGame of Thrones
Former First Sword of Braavos killed by Ser Meryn Trant while buying Arya Stark time to escapeGame of Thrones
Beheaded on the steps of Baelor's Sept with his own sword for the crime of treasonGame of Thrones
Euthanised by his wife Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones
Burnt alive on the funereal pyre after betraying Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones
Poisoned by his own hand while trying to kill MelisandreClash of Kings
Killed at the Battle of Oxcross by Lord Rickard Karstark while chasing his horseClash of Kings
Master-at-arms of the Red Keep, killed during the riots in Flea BottomClash of Kings
Killed by Jaqen H'ghar at Harrenhal the first name given to him by Arya StarkClash of Kings
Castellan of Harrenhal fed to a bear by the Brave Companions after Lord Roose Bolton takes the castleClash of Kings
Blacksmith at Winterfell, killed for refusing to bend the knee to Prince Theon GreyjoyClash of Kings
Winterfell's master-at-arms has his arm taken off by the Bastard of Bolton trying to retake Winterfell from the IronbornClash of Kings
Wildling skinchanger killed by Jon Snow in the Skirling Pass, though part of him lives on in his eagleClash of Kings
Seasoned ranger from the Shadow Tower killed by Jon SnowClash of Kings
Killed in his own command tent by a shadow while preparing for battleClash of Kings
Castellan of Storm's End killed by a shadow while the castle is under siegeClash of Kings
Commander of the Gold Cloaks killed by his own men during the Battle of the BlackwaterClash of Kings
Kingsguard killed by Tyrion Lannister's squire Podrick PayneClash of Kings
Commander of King Stannis' vanguard slain by Renly's Ghost at the Battle of the BlackwaterClash of Kings
Lord of Nightsong and formerly of King Renly Baratheon's Rainbow Guard killed by Ser Philip Foote fighting for King Stannis Baratheon at the Battle of the BlackwaterClash of Kings
Son of Ser Kevan Lannister killed while a prisoner at RiverrunStorm of Swords
Beheaded by King Robb Stark for the murder of two boy prisonersStorm of Swords
Knight and Master of Torrhen's Sqaure killed at the Battle of DuskendaleStorm of Swords
Killed when Lord Roose Bolton puts a sword through his heart at the Red WeddingStorm of Swords
Heir to the Last Hearth, beheaded by Bolton men-at-arms at the Red WeddingStorm of Swords
Son of Lord Tytos Blackwood slain by Ser Hosteen Frey at the Red WeddingStorm of Swords
Torturer from Harrenhal killed at the Inn at the Crossroads by Arya StarkStorm of Swords
Lord Commander of the Night's Watch killed by Ollo Lophand at Craster's KeepStorm of Swords
Wildling who fell to his death while trying to climb the WallStorm of Swords
Wildling kissed by fire killed by an arrow while assaulting Castle BlackStorm of Swords
Astapor slaver who came to regret taking a dragon as paymentStorm of Swords
Poisoned at his own wedding Storm of Swords
Prince of Dorne killed while defending Tyrion Lannister in his trial by battleStorm of Swords
Killed by the Dornish Prince in the trial by battleStorm of Swords
Killed in the Hand of the King's bed, choked to death with the chain of the HandStorm of Swords
Hand to three different Kings killed with a crossbow bolt while at the privyStorm of Swords
Singer killed in Braavos by Cat of the Canals for forsaking his vows to the Night's WatchFeast for Crows
Maester of the Citadel and Blood of the Dragon, died at sea aged one hundred and twoFeast for Crows
Lady of Stokeworth, given to Qyburn by Queen Cersei Lannister for his experimentsFeast for Crows
Kingsguard killed in Dorne while trying to crown Princess Myrcella BaratheonFeast for Crows
Fool of the Brave Companions killed by Brienne of Tarth at the WhispersFeast for Crows
Killed by Gendry at the Inn at the Crossroads, saving Brienne of Tarth from himFeast for Crows
Heir to the Twins hung by the Brotherhood without BannersFeast for Crows
Iron Islands Lord cut into seven pieces by Euron GreyjoyFeast for Crows
Heir to Southshield dies bravely fighting against Victarion Greyjoy and the Iroborn attacking the ReachFeast for Crows
Beheaded by Lord Commander Jon Snow for refusing a direct orderDance with Dragons
Burnt and feathered with arrows at Castle Black when he's believed to be Mance RayderDance with Dragons
Squire and ward of Roose Bolton killed by the Ghost of WinterfellDance with Dragons
Son of Lord Anders Yronwood killed by corsairs while travelling with his friend Prince Quentyn MartellDance with Dragons
Prince of Dorne burnt to death while trying to be a dragon tamerDance with Dragons
Pit fighter killed by Ser Barristan Selmy while guarding King Hizdahr XIVDance with Dragons
Maester of the Citadel sacrificed to the Drowned God by Victarion Greyjoy to give the Iron Fleet favorable windsDance with Dragons
Grand Maester to six Kings has his head caved in while in his chambers at the Red KeepDance with Dragons
Regent of King Tommen killed by Varys 'for the good of the realm'Dance with Dragons
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