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Facts about Albus Dumbledore
Secret Organization he Claimed he Founded
Position in the Wizengamot
Complete Quote 'Alas...'
The Deepest and most Desperate desire of his hearts according to him
'A few words' before a school Banquet
Blood Status
Full name
Refers to what as a 'Flighty Temptress'
The last Hallow he located
Childhood/Teenage friend
Secret Organization Founded
Dislikes this type of sweet
Found this many uses of Dragon's Blood
Hair Colour (before grey)
Another Childhood/Teenage friend
Facts about Albus Dumbledore
Sport he Enjoys
Shape of Scar above left knee
House at Hogwarts
Worked on Alchemy with...
Possession of Elder Wand succeeded by
Alternative Title: Supreme...
Personality Flaw according to him
Genre of music enjoyed
Headmastership preceeded by
Final Words
Place of Residence after and before studying at Hogwarts
Favourite Jam Flavour
Subject he taught at Hogwarts

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