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TimespanInventor or ScientistInvention or Discovery
384 B.C.-322 B.C.The Earth was the center of everything.
A.D. 90-A.D. 168Planets and the Sun revolved around the Earth in 'epicycles.'
1398-February 3, 1488printing press
Feb.19, 1473-May 24, 1543The Earth revolved around the Sun.
February 15, 1564-January 8, 1642Saturn had ears, Venus had phases, and much more.
1570-September 1619the telescope
December 27, 1571-November 15, 1630The planets revolved in elipses around the Sun.
July 18, 1635-March 3, 1703the Great Red Spot on Jupiter and the cell in your body
January 4, 1643-March 31, 1727Gravity and calculus.
November 15, 1738-August 25, 1822Uranus
February 18, 1745-March 5, 1827the electric battery and electric current
TimespanInventor or ScientistInvention or Discovery
September 6, 1766-July 27, 1844the atom
October 18, 1785-December 1, 1788the odometer and more
April 27, 1791-April 2, 1872Morse code, the telegraph
May 21, 1792-September 19, 1843kinetic energy
February 12, 1809-April 19, 1882natural selection
June 9, 1812-July 10, 1910Neptune
July 5, 1820-December 24, 1872potential energy
February 8, 1834-February 2, 1907mendelevium and the periodic table
August 13, 1844-August 26, 1895DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid)
November 26, 1844-April 4, 1929the gasoline-powered automobile
February 11, 1847-October 18, 1931the lightbulb
July 10, 1856-January 7, 1943tesla coil
TimespanInventor or ScientistInvention or Discovery
March 3, 1847-August 2, 1922the telephone
December 18, 1856-August 30, 1940the electron
February 22, 1857-January 1, 1894frequency, microwaves
September 28, 1860-January 13, 1934gamma rays
July 30, 1863-April 7, 1947the car
April 16, 1867-May 30, 1912the airplane
November 7, 1867-July 4, 1934polonium and radium
August 19, 1871-January 30, 1948the airplane
August 30, 1871-October 19, 1937the proton
April 25, 1874-July 20, 1937radio waves, the radio
March 14, 1879-April 18, 1955photon, theory of relativity and special relativity.
October 7, 1885-November 18, 1962the atom
TimespanInventor or ScientistInvention or Discovery
October 20, 1891-July 24, 1974the neutron
July 17, 1894-June 20, 1966the Big Bang
December 5, 1901-December 15, 1966Disney Land, World, and Epcot
August 8, 1902-October 20, 1984antimatter
February 4, 1906-January 17, 1997Pluto
August 19, 1906-March 11, 1971Television
June 24, 1915-August 20, 2001Stars can contain nitrogen and oxygen.
April 21, 1926-stem cells
July 11, 1927-May 5, 2007the first laser
1931-stem cells
January 8, 1942-Hawking radiation

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