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Can you name the Inventions Based on the Year?

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1202Leonard Pisano
1585Simon Stevin
1608Hans Lippershey
1623Henry Cockeram
1643Evangelista Torricelli
1670Dom Perignon
1684Isaac Newton
1700Johann Denner
1709Bartolomeo Cristofori
1730John Hadley, Thomas Godfrey
1783Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier
1783Louis Lenormand
1787Robert Fulton
1793Eli Whitney
1800Alessandro Volta
1816David Brewster
1819Rene Laennec
1830Edwin Budding
1852Henri Giffard
1852John Foucault
1855Robert Yeates
1867Alfred Nobel
1869Dmitry Mendeleyev
1874Johann Miescher
1876Alexander Graham Bell
1878Thomas Edison
1885John Starley
1885Henry Ford
1900George Wheeler, Charles Seeberger
1902Hubert Booth
1903Orville and Wilbur Wright
1914Mary Jacob
1927Philo T. Farmsworth
1928Otto Rohwedder
1936Heinrich Focke
1943Jaques Cousteau
1955Christopher Cockerell
1959Nils Bohlin
1965Doug Engelbart
1972Nolan Bushnell
1976Seymour Cray
1983J.C.R.Licklider, Larry Roberts
2001Steve Jobs, Lee Black

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