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Forced Order
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'I need to know if you've thought of me at all today'
'Can I understand you?'
'A song is not much time to show how beautiful you are'
'My head's going a hundred miles a beat'
'I found you were afraid and that means life is not okay'
'I won't take much of your time'
'I will look for them in this lost and found'
'Tyler' (*sound of door closing*)
'I want to be with you when I am weak'
'We'll die fragile lives again'
'Do not be alarmed if I fall into the sun'
'I wonder when in this timeline we'll break to the other side'
'The love you see inside of me is not mine'
'Fighting gravity turning with this little mind'
'I don't believe love's for me'
'The cashier's name is Omar Vizquel'
'They say the ocean's blue but it's black right now'

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