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a small, extremely hot, very faint star at the end of its life
an extremely small, dense star whose particles have become neutrons
how bright a light appears to an observer
a spinning neutron star that gives off pulses of radiation at regular intervals
the apparent shift in frequency of waves emitted by a moving source
a star at the end of its life cycle that expands and cools as it runs out of hydrogen
the apparent shift in an objects position when viewed from different locations
the death of a large star by an explosion
the actual brightness of a star--how bright it would appear if all stars were the same distances away
a massive object with gravity so strong that not even light can escape
a large system of stars held together by gravity
a section of the sky that contains a recognizable star pattern
the diagonal pattern of stars on the H-R diagram from the top left to the bottom right
the theory that the Moon was created from the materials ejected when a large object struck the Earth
the point in the orbit of the Moon at which it is closest to EArth
deep channels that run through the Moon's maria
the casting of a shadow of one celestial body on the surface of another
the different shapes of the Moon made visible by reflected sunlight
a loose layer of rock and dust on the surface of the Moon
a natural or artificial body that orbits a planet
the point in the orbit of the Moon at which it is farthest from Earth
a lowland plain of hardened lava on the Moon
the Moon after the new moon and before the full moon, when its appearance is growing
the point in Earth's orbit in which the Sun is farthest north or south, causing the day with the most daylight hours
the point in Earth's orbit at which the SUn crosses the plane of Earth's equator, causing the hours of day and night to be equal everywhere on the Earth
the Moon after the full moon and before the new moon, when its appearance is shrinking

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