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QUIZ: Can you name the Horrible Histories Songs?

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1Georgeous Georgians
2Terrible Tudors
3Awful Egyptians
4Terrible Tudors
5Segment Unknown
6Gorgeous Georgians
7Measly Middle Ages
8Savage Stone Age
9Terrible Teachers
10Measly Middle Ages
11Vile Victorians
12Groovy Greeks
13Vile Victorians
14Vicious Vikings
15Slimy Stuarts
16Groovy Greeks
17Woeful Second World War
18Gorgeous Georgians
19Putrid Pirates
20Vile Victorians
21Awful Egyptians
22Awesome USA
23Cut-Throat Celts
24Smashing Saxons
25Incredible Incas
27Gorgeous Georgians
28Ruthless Rulers
29Measly Middle Ages
30Vile Victorians
31Awful Egyptians
32Measly Middle Ages
33Rotten Romans
34Potty Pioneers
35Angry Aztecs
36Slimy Stuarts
37Savage Stone Age
38Cut-Throat Celts
40Woeful Second World War
41Savage Stone Age
42Groovy Greeks
43Awesome USA
44Vile Victorians
45Vile Victorians
46Shocking Scotland
47Gorgeous Georgians
48Redical Renaissance
49Terrible Tudors
50Terrible Tudors
51Gorgeous Georgians
53Troublesome 20th Century
54Vicious Vikings
55Vile Victorians
56Rotten Romans
57Fabulous French
58Groovy Greeks
59Measly Middle Ages
60Potty Pioneers
61Terrible Tudors
62Measly Middle Ages
63Georgeous Georgians
Crooked King John & Magna CartaMeasly Middle Ages
Crooked King John & Magna CartaMeasly Middle Ages & Slimy Stuarts
Awesome Alfred the GreatSmashing Saxons
Wicked William the ConquerorMeasly Middle Ages
Mardy Mary, Queen of ScotsTerrible Tudors
Naughty NapoleonFabulous French
Horrid Henry VIIITerrible Tudors
Crafty CleopatraAwful Egyptians
Gorgeous George IIIGorgeous Georgians
Bolshy BoudiccaCut-Throat Celts
Wily Winston ChurchillWoeful Second World War
Tricky Queen VickyVile Victorians
'Orrible Oliver CromwellSlimy Stuarts

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