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Forced Order
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She's such a loser, always ready to ____!' T-t-t-ta!
You're not ____.
Gotta' ___sometime!
I don't even think once about ____ stuff up!'
I ____ like I forgot to shoot something...
You think I'm crazy? You should see my ____!
I'm ____! Got a doctor's note.
Whatever, let's just start ____!
I'm wearing lots of belts! For no ____ at all.
Any last ____? Ha! No, just die
Wait, I'm ____! Urgh... how do people do this?'
I'll give you to the count of - ___ up!
I accidentally did that on ____
Seriously, screaming helps... not at ____.
Now where was I? Oh, right, ____ havoc!'
Rules are made to be broken... like buildings! Or ____!
QuoteMissing word
____! It's called gun play
Ask me if I'm ____! Hint: I'm not!
Jinx? Stands for ____! Durr
I really need a new ___. But don't tell my other guns
I have the best ___!
Stay ____! I'm trying to shoot you!
No need to be ____ - or alive
____ just behave... said no one, ever.
Hold on! I'm about to say something really ___!
You're my favorite waste of ____.
Duck! Hehe, just ____, that won't help
'll be right back! No one die ____ without me
I'm trying to ____ but I just can't!'
You're starting to ___ me
What if I had a gun that shot other ___?

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