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Forced Order
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Witness truth - Behold!
Sorye Ge Ton - Igei Ton - Sorye
Hugeify - Tremendo - Up We Go - Enormibus!
Justice - For the cause!
mmmm.. Focuussss - Liiiisstennnn
DARKNESS! - Darkness... - All alone!
Demacia - DEMACIA! For the king!
Squashing time - Hands up!
Hammer time - Cannon engaged - Transformation complete.
Sae Eleisa Tera Vi. - Lath Rian Oune Vi - Gaen Na Kyri Vi.
Stars hear me - For life - Live - Have Hope!
My house, my rules - Closing in - Nowhere to hide - I own you!
Dusk - Nightfall - Twilight Fades - Night Approaches
Oceans spill forth - High tide!
The time for talk is over - There is no other way - They cannot go unpunished - I am awakened - Sacrifices must be made
Feel my sting - Now I've got you! - You'll never escape - Bwahahahaha
Next time... run. - Unmatched - The dance of blades - Too Easy
It ain't luck, it's Destiny. - No fightin' Destiny - I'm already Gone - I'm Gone - Gonna hit the trail
Bow down - Shrivel - Pathetic
Ashes and dust! - For Senna! - It ends here! - This is over!
A gift from the Freljord - There's no use running!
Nom nom nom nom nom
Boom, baby - Eat this - Get dunked!
Feeding time - Lunch time - Shark!
Bye bye! - See ya - Catch - Watch This
Valor, to me - NOW
Terror - Cower - Run
I'll bring the big one - Yiiiihaaa - Incoming - Oh, look out below
Time for reckoning - Impure Fools - The die is cast...
True power - Consume! - Obliterate! - True Power
Bear hug - Get 'em, Tibbers - Tibbers - Yay, Tibbers - Found him!
Target marked - Calibratin - Steady.. - In my sights - Nowhere to hide - Target marked.'
Keep up - Speed of though - So fast - Watch and learn!
They won't know what ate them - In the shadows - From the dark
Entomb! - Freeze! - Kneel!

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