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First QuoteCharactersLast Quote
Alright, listen up. Private Martin, you're on the obstacle course and doing weapons training today. Great job on those tanks. Private Martin, you've done yourself proud. I can hardly believe... we've done it.
Martin, good to see you. They've got your sorry butt here too huh? Hey, good luck.Okey doke, Sarge. What the hell else am I going to do
Eyes up, Private. I'm up here, in the observation tower.Probably in the big house up the road.
Right, Captain.Right, Captain.
Sir! We just spotted German mortar teams to the south! I say we move in quick, and take 'em out!Sir! We just spotted German mortar teams to the south! I say we move in quick, and take 'em out!
2nd platoon! Move in and secure these buildings! Now - let's go!That's their last gun. Let's mop up and get out of here.
Well, goodness me, Americans! Made quite a racket, didn't you? That's quite all right, I can still walk.Grab a weapon and explosives - quick! The ship's boilers line these passageways! Place your charges as we go. This place will be crawling with Krauts.
Truck's out front, sir.Captain, what about Major Ingram?
Yanks! Now there's a spot of luck. Come to collect me, have you?Good show Captain, to you and your boys! Well done, well done!
First QuoteCharactersLast Quote
I can't see the Bois de Bavent.All right everyone, brace for landing
Yeah, I'm fine. Just great.That did it! Nice shot, Sergeant!
Captain, we salvaged the area. Apart from some medical supplies, all we found were a couple of rifles and several Panzerfausts, which are woefully inaccurate.Tank, southwest -- across the canal! Sergeant Evans, take it out! Enemy tank on the southeast road! Evans! Destroy that tank to the south!
Evans! Good man - in the truck, hop on!Brilliant! Out through the north bunker, quickly!
Comrade! I can't get a clear shot at those machine gunners up there! I need you to draw their fire for me! You see that truck over there?The Germans are pulling back! Come on comrades, we're retaking Red Square!!
Turn around! Keep going forward!For Mother Russia comrades! Do not turn your back on her! Victory or death!
Pick up your gun and shoot!No hesitation comrades! Do not take one step backwards!
Listen, comrade! We're both dead men, whether we stay here, or go back! Let's you and I find a way to flank them!Get word to Major Zubov that we've retaken Red Square. You'll report to him from here on out.
Stay in the ditch and keep your head down! They've got snipers out there!Hi Alexei!

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