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Forced Order
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Victory or death! On to the Reichstag! Death to the Fascists! No retreat!Get that flag up - fast! Hurry comrade! Berlin is ours!
Evans! Good man - in the truck, hop on!Evans! Good man - in the truck, hop on!
Hold right here.We lost the Captain? Damn. That was a very fine man. Let's get the hell out of here.
Enemy tanks across the stream!Panzer tank!
Whose artillery is that?!Still alive? Well, uh... Good! That's good! Good for you! We must get out of here, before the artillery starts again!
Move out! Secure the perimeter!Everybody move! Come on!
We're coming up on that airfield, where the rest of the team has assembled! They radioed that they're finding us an escape plane!There they are! That's our plane! Blimey, she's a beauty!
All right Evans, we'll head east, destroying any targets of opportunity. Then we'll meet up with the rest of the squad as planned. You take point. I'll provide support with the BreBrilliant! Out through the north bunker, quickly!
Everybody up! Wake it and shake it! The Germans are bringing your coffee!Believe it! Unless you sprout wings and wanna fly. It's only six miles, Private, just shut up and do your job.
Gentlemen, we've fought a whole bunch of these, so I know you know what to do. But indulge me. Move quickly, cover your buddies, don't bunch up - and for heaven's sake don't stop 'Great job on those tanks. Private Martin, you've done yourself proud. I can hardly believe... we've done it.
Are you ready, mate? Take this Panzerfaust.My God, we made it. I don't bloody believe it.
Uh... uh... that's a- that's a German roadblock! What now?Okey doke, Sarge. What the hell else am I going to do?
Stay in the ditch and keep your head down! They've got snipers out there!Hi Alexei!
Alright, listen up. Private Martin, you're on the obstacle course and doing weapons training today. Before starting the obstacle course, read each of these important signs, and do Good job Private, well done. Keep your weapons with you and clean at all times. You're dismissed.
There's an MG42 on the left, with a guard house on the right. They didn't spot me.We'll be back for him. Get in.
Comrades! This day will be the proudest day you have ever lived! You will fight the fascist Nazi invaders with all your strength! For each and every fallen Soviet soldier, you willThe Germans are pulling back! Come on comrades, we're retaking Red Square!!
Blast this door open!We'll be re-educated with them if the NKVD hears us!
Captain, we salvaged the area. Apart from some medical supplies, all we found were a couple of rifles and several Panzerfausts, which are woefully inaccurate.I believe that's the last of them. Excellent work, lads, bloody well done!
Keep them coming!; Good shooting!; One down, more to come!; Got him!; How do you like that, Franz?; You can heil Hitler in hell!; Don't let up, comrades!We're taking fire!; Somebody get me out of here!; Aagh!; My leg! Aah! Somebody help me!
Comrades of the Soviet Union, there is no need for this senseless bloodshed between our nations. The German people are not your enemy. If you surrender, you will be treated well. YBrave soldiers of the Soviet Union, the Third Reich has no grudge with the common Soviet citizen. It is your own false leader, Stalin, who wishes to fight this war for his own benefit. Does such a man deserve your loyalty? Is he really worth dying for?
Over here!Over here!
Thirty squad, get your thirty cal to cover our flank. Second squad, follow in reserve. I got point. Elder and Martin, on my tail. Everybody set? Let's go.That's their last gun. Let's mop up and get out of here.
It's not use! Fall back, comrades! Fall back!Get word to Major Zubov that we've retaken Red Square. You'll report to him from here on out.
Alright guys, get set to move. On my command!For those of you who've seen your first action - welcome to the Big Time. For those of you who've seen it before, trust me, you ain't seen nothin' yet. We'll redeploy those German machine guns, setting up a defensive perimeter. Keep your guard up and your buddies in mind. Good work.
I can't see the Bois de Bavent.Clear over here!
You take out the front guards, concentrating on the machine gun nests. Once the gate is down, get in there and find the Major. Then rendezvous back at the truck.Good show Captain, to you and your boys! Well done, well done!

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