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Who is the third victor?
What district was the third most recent victor from?
Which game number merged with Hunger Games of Panem?
How many kills did Jada get in HGOFT 12?
Who was the first official Co Game Maker?
Which tribute did Austin play as in HGOFT 5?
What weapon was used in the final kill for HGOFT 2?
How many tributes were cannibals in HOGFT 6?
What was the name of the 8th arena?
In HGOFT 9, who did Medea kill for drawing a penis on her forehead?
How many cave entrances are in the current game?
Name the female tribute from District 8.
Who was the runner up in HGOFT 11?
What was the climate of HGOFT 1?
What did Lux kill Knoll with in HGOFT 12?
Name the muttation featured in HGOFT 1 and 13.
Name the current Co Game Maker
What is the largest number of tributes that have died in a bloodbath?
Which bloodbath was it?
What language did Helena speak whenever she got a kill in HGOFT 6?
Name the only blind tribute so far.
What did Fiore lose right before the final battle in HGOFT 11?
What killed Alecto in HGOFT 7?
Which victor had 0 kills until the final battle?
Who died from a tidal wave twice in two separate games?
What kind of muttation did Falcon tame in HGOFT 6?
Who didn't get to do anything in HGOFT 11?
In HGOFT 3, what was taken from the tributes and scattered throughout the arena?
What was given to tributes who performed well before the games started in HGOFT 10?
Which celebrity died in the bloodbath for HGOFT 9?
What needed to be struck to seal the temple in the current game?
Which tribute is in position 21?
What is unique about Shawn in the current games?
Where did the bloodbath for HGOFT 10 take place?
What were the names of the deformed creatures in HGOFT 8 that attacked many tributes.
What happens when someone tossed a tomahawk in HGOFT 11?
Which beverage was in the cornucopia for the 8th games?
What did Jade kill Treasure with in HGOFT 5?
What is the longest name in the history of HGOFT?
What were the name of the resurrected tributes in HGOFT 5?
Which tribute fell to his/her death down a mountain in HGOFT 7?
What was the final weapon used in HGOFT 13?
What element was used to make an explosive trap in HGOFT 4?
What type of muttations attacked tributes in both HGOFT 2 and HGOFT 4 (not tygeysers)?
How did the first tribute die in HGOFT 9?
What monster roamed the exhibits of HGOFT 11?
Who was the most ghetto tribute of HGOFT 2?
What was inside the cornucopia in HGOFT 1?
What weapon did Adriana wield in HGOFT 5?
What was the Beat Rice's pet in HGOFT 12?

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