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QUIZ: Can you name the common holidays for the US?

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4th Day In NovemberThank you.
Second Wednesday of FebruaryAshes.
February 18thNot again
Forty days after Ash WednesdayHere comes the bunny.
December 25thThank you for being born, Jesus!
Fourth Monday of MayWe're of to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of cemeteries.
March 17thMy amazing birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 24thOne day left.
November 11thHut 2, 3, 4
Februuary 14thXOXO
October 14thIn 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
January 1stStay up to midnight!
December 31stOne day left
September 8thOld and fleshy.
September 21stPeace be with you.
April 1stPrank time!
February 2ndIt is clear I did not see my shadow.
June 14thRed Whit and Blue.
September 2ndKeep going, keep going.
October 31stBooooooooo!
January 20thOh no, presidents.
July 4thIt has been 237 years.

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