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Who does Shailene Woodley play as?
What does Beatrice change her name too?
What faction was Four originally from?
What are the five factions?
What does Candor represent?
What does Euridite represent?
What does Amity represent?
Why was Four afraid of his dad?
What is Fours real name?
What does Fours name represent?
Who bullies Beatrice in the first book?
What is Tris' brothers name?
Where does Tris switch factions too?
Which leader of Dauntless does Tris kill in Insurgent?
Who is Jeanine trying to exterminate all of?
Who betrays Tris in Insurgent?
Whcih main character dies?
What is Fours main fear?
What are the people who don't fit in a faction called?
How does Tris' mom Natalie die?
Where does Tris get shot in Divergent?
Who saves Tris from getting killed in Insurgent
What is the main area in the dauntless faction called?
What had Tris never eaten when she first joined Dauntless at the dinner table?
Who is Tris' best friend?
Who committed suicide?
Who does Tris kill that was her best friend?
Finish the quote: every second we waste another ______ dies and another _______ becomes a murdered
What does the message at the end of insurgent tell all of the people to do?
Who kills Jeanine at the end of Insurgent?
Which faction always wear blue?
Where does the movie take place?
What tattoo does tris get? And where?
What tattoo does Four have? And where?
Who tries to kill Tris by throwing her off the ledge?
Who wrote the series?
What did they actually inject into the dauntless necks when they said it was a tracking device?

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