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Hurry up now, we're waiting for us to fall.
The salt from her tears rusted shut her eyes.
I've got a six string heart filled with diamonds and girls
miles can cut this tie we've made, the sharp side of the blade.
Pick up the pieces and make me understand why we can't move any faster
Doctor doctor can you please check my pulse
We will always have each other just like it was from the start.
End this now we've gone too far, lets take back words that turn to scars
You said she is so evil but she looks like heaven to me
Sleep sleep little darling i swear i'm not trying to wear you out.
Look closely, life isn't what it seems sometimes
I'll take control if you let me, just promise you won't forget these last few words
And all i have is the memory of what was, so lets pretend it never mattered to us
You're a dream and i'm a nightmare
The story has such a common theme, we signed the line and we joined the scene
If you cut me i will bleed
is this a voice or just a panic attack
Wake up!
Bleed these colors open wide, burning blues from butterflies
you don't have to speak because i can hear your heartbeat
So your the fire, i am the water. you are the balance i am the color
In my arms you lie, you're sleeping and you're still
You won't be the last girl or the first to tell me i should go straight to hell
Just stay the night and you'll see that things can work out
I know, that she knows She's running far, far from me

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