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This green river started running red. After sex he'd strangle them in his own bed.
She was a prostitute who carried a gun. She would blow out their brains then take the money and run.
He was charming, he had everyone fooled. He targeted woman in the parking lots of schools.
His victims were all men, killing them filled his sexual needs. He would eat their body parts and get turned on to watch them bleed.
He inspired Hannibal Lector and Psychos Norman Bates. He used his victims skin for furniture and their bones for his dinner plates.
Bind them, torture them, kill them was the motto he used. Watching these women suffer made he aroused and amused.
She was a granny, looked so innocent and sweet. Underneath her garden vegetables is rotting corpse meat.
He was worshiped by many. our own Satan running free. He destroyed the lives of many, their pain brought him glee.
He used to the internet to lure his victims in his deadly trap. If you answer his ad on Craigslist then there is no turning back.
Portraying Barbie and Ken, pretending to lead the perfect life. In reality he raped and killed teenage girls with his wife.

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