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These teens tell stories by the campfire late at night. Tales of ghosts, monsters, anything to give you a fright!
This family lives in the jungle in their double wide. The girls best friend is a monkey who never leaves her side.
These kids go to PS 118. Move it football head! Says the girl who is always mean.
This kids dog is named after a meat. He loves a girl named Patty and his best friends name is Skeet(er).
Twin babies who like to eat worms. One spoiled brat and a redhead who is scared of germs.
They say 2 heads are better than 1. If you see the Greasers, you better run!
She dances with lobsters, PLEASE! She plays a mean judge and a singing hillbilly.
They live in the sewers and play in the streets. Dumpsters are usually where they go to eat.
Learn different languages while taking a bath. Rent your videos at Blockblister for a good laugh.
These teens like to pledge to their pants. One plays a trumpet while the others dance.

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