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You can't fire me 'cause I quit
It's just a game and I like the way that we play
You're running through my veins you feel like a freight train
81, 23
Just like a boy tangled in vines, but I've figured you out
Loose ends but no sight of strings
Fist fights turn into sex
Sleep's just time spent wasting time
She's the type of girl that makes love hurt
I'm not just trying to get in your bed
To hell with your new ****
This year I want you alone
Each day's a number
We'll be a mess around 3 or 4
These kids are talking bout love
I've got an old suitcase, that's full of my old ways
I keep my distance but you still catch my eye
You're running through my veins you feel like a freight train
You're paper thin, it's visible
You made the shape of my heart with your hands
You'd think by now I would have learned

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