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Name the incantation of a Leviatation Charm
What 2 wand movements are used when performing this spell?
Name the incantation to conjure water
What is incantation of the Patronus Charm?
On what creature are you likely to use the above spell on?
Name the spell/incantation to slow an object/person that is coming towards you?
What is the subject of changing an object into something else?
Whose Patronus is an otter?
What is the potion that makes you lucky?
What is the best grade you can get in an OWL exam?
What potion is used to make a person tell the truth?
Which professor teaches Astronomy?
Which creature are you most likely to meet at the bottom of the lake? (3 Answers: Choose One)
What is the name of the language spoken by goblins?
Where in Diagon Alley are you most likely to find a large population of goblins?
Which founder of Hogwarts left the school after countless arguements with the other founders?
Who are you likely to find in the out-of-order bathroom?
What potion allows you to turn into someone else for an hour?
Name one of the traits that are needed to be a Gryffindor?
Where in the castle is Potions taken?

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