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Can you complete the Word Ladder which features legends of the FIFA World Cup?

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⚽ [With Rung 9] Croatian star of the 1998 World Cup. ⚽
Spanish word for 'Dread'.
Vehicle used to lay asphalt on roads before compaction.
A person who attends an all-night dance party.
A vehicle that explores the surface of an astronomical body.
'_____ Park', former home ground of Sunderland AFC.
Family of Gambling Card Games.
A person who vomits.
⚽ [With Rung 1] Croatian star of the 1998 World Cup. ⚽
⚽ [With Rung 9] Italian Star of the 1982 FIFA World Cup ⚽
'_____ Wanchope', Costa Rican striker of the 1990's and 2000's.
A commune in Brittany in northwestern France.
A temporary stop or rest.
Something that has past its prime.
Portuguese word for 'Step'.
Bavarian count and military leader in the 10th Century.
City in south-western Mauritania.
⚽ [With Rung 1] Italian Star of the 1982 FIFA World Cup ⚽
⚽ [With Rung 9] Spanish star of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. ⚽
'_____ Cup', Premier Team event in Men's Tennis.
'____ Chappelle' or '____ Grohl'.
British word for open valleys.
Belonging to the masculine gender.
Enclosed shopping centres.
Building equipped with machinery for grinding grains.
'Roger _____', Cameroon star of the 1990 FIFA World Cup.
⚽ [With Rung 1] Spanish star of the 2010 FIFA World Cup ⚽

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