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Acromantula owned by Hagrid
Amortal non-being that takes the form of the veiwers worst fear
Character always taking photos
Feed on Human Emotions
Disarming Spell
Centaur who becomes a Divination Teacher
Wizard Bank
Snowy Owl
Animated Corpses who do the bidding of the Dark wizard they were created by
Alley devoted to the Dark Arts
Suburb where the Dursleys live
Magical Map of Hogwarts
Snake companion of Voldemort
Art of sealing the mind against magical intrusion and influence
Premier Sport of the Wizarding World
Come and Go Room
Stunning Spell
Contest between Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons
The blood of this animal will keep you alive however you will lead a 'cursed life'
Who gave Harry his scar
Levitation Charm
Luna's Dad
Ball/Dance in Harry's 4th year
Hogsmeade Joke Shop

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