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Can you name the Monstercat Artists from 2014 (Including Remixes)?

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Mirai Sekai / Peacock
The Munsta (Remix)
Boundless / Break Them / Surface / The Munsta (Remix)
Pure Sunlight
The Munsta (Remix)
Bassline Kickin (Remix) / Champions / Feronia / Pinball / Pinball (Remix) / Quantum / Rain / War
Crossroad / Follow You / Follow You VIP / Snowblind
Pinball (Remix)
Pinball (Remix)
Frame of Mind
Don't Forget / Everything's Different / Shadow
Rain (Remix)
All on Me / Error Code / Prism / Savage
Rain (Remix)
Just Wait For It
Quantum (Remix)
BADBOI (Remix)
Rain (Remix)
3 Year Anniversary Mashup
Quantum (Remix)
Better World / Entropy / False Dawn / Parallax / Scars / Tranquility / Wanna Know You
Battle Cry / Inside Out
Coloured Glass / Ghost Town / Joyride / New Rules / With You
Boundaries / Killing Time / The Covenant
Pinball (Remix)
Follow You (Remix)
Bassline Kickin (Remix)
Catnip Trip / Pounce
Taking Over
Keep On Rocking / Throne
Contact / Follow You (Remix) / Itvara / Mountain Hunter / Spection
Voice of Reason
Here With You Now / Taking Over (Remix) / Turn Around
Clockwork / Cloud Nine / Reach
Dichotomy (Soft Mix) / Doppelgänger / Everchanging / Peacock (Remix) / Permutate / Prologue (Part One) / Sculpted / The Schism / Time / Voice of Reason
Air (Summer Mix) / Ashes / Hands of Time / I'm Not Over / Quantum (Remix) / Saviors / This Is Forever
Open Hour / We Are the Robots
Anime Bae
Better World
Interstellar / Messiah / Supernova / You & Me
Pure Sunlight
One Look
Rain (Remix)
Believe Her / Entropy / Out on a Limb / Pure Sunlight
Endgame / Insignia / Lost Metropolis
Rainbow Road
Cheat Codes / New Game / Safe & Sound / Soldiers / The Munsta (Remix) / Turbo Penguin
Breakdown VIP / Sentinel / Surge
BADBOI / BADBOI VIP / Bassline Kickin / Emergency / Here It Comes / Hero / New Style
Catnip Trip (Remix)
Broken Bones / Rat Twist / The Escape
Rain (Remix)
Broken Trust / Dream Catcher / Transformations / We Love
Renzokuken / Skybreaker
Canvas / Elemental / Prelude / Recovery / Shake It Off / The Journey
Follow You (Remix)
Ashes / Hands of Time / Sweetest Addiction
Open Hour
Atlantic / Night After Night
Against the Sun / Ambush / Carry Me Away / Do It / Follow You (Remix) / Real Love / Too Late
The Munsta
Bassline Kickin (Remix)
Moonlight / Taking Over (Remix)
Pinball (Remix)
BADBOI (Remix) / Here It Comes (Remix)
Seconds Away
Turbo Penguin
Quantum (Remix)
Excellent Choice / Rain (Remix) / Shark City / Top of the World 2
Eagle Eyes / Hero (Remix) / Holding on to Sound / Moving On / Step Up
Anime Bae
Taking Over (Remix)
Air (Summer Mix)
Hero (Remix)
Air (Summer Mix)
Pinball (Remix)
Here It Comes (Remix)
Frame of Mind / My Friend
Believe / One Night Only
Birds On The Wire / Breathe / Drink Up / Hot Pursuit / Plain Sight / Power Fracture
Pinball (Remix)
Gunmetal Black / Mirai Sekai / Moonlight / Valkyrie / Valkyrie II: Lacuna / Whispers in the Mist
What I've Waited For
Follow You (Remix) / Quantum (Remix)
Follow You (Remix)
Orbit / Triumph / You & Me

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