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The use of government expenditure and revenue collection (taxation) to influence the economy.
A group of people with a common philosophy of government who use their unity to get their members into power in the government and complete their political agenda.
The state of being separate from religion.
A person who believes in strict adherence to a specific doctrine, such as outlined in a religious or political text. Often intolerant of other views, such as secularism.
When the members of a political party maintain strict unity and hold the political party line in order to achieve their agenda.
The way a person identifies themselves politically, based upon ideas they share with others.
The total amount of money a nation's government owes.
The general guidelines, principles, or procedures that guide the decisions and actions of an organization or government in order to achieve its goals.
Occurs when funds spent by the government exceed tax revenues, requiring government to borrow money to make up the difference.
The total value of all goods and services produced in a nation in a year.
The ability of two or more political parties to work together.
Occurs when funds spent by the government in one year are less than annual tax revenues, allowing the government to have extra funds left over.

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