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Can you name the Cell Trivia from readings of Chapter 4?

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Can you get this cell trivia?
Microscope used to view the exterior surface of a specimen simulating a 3D image
Microscope used to view living specimens
1 mm equals how many micrometers?
As a cell gets larger, what happens to its surface area to volume ratio?
Cells that lack a nucleus
A structure used for locomotion in some examples of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes
A region between the plasma membrane and the nuclear membrane
Plant cell walls are made of this macromolecule
Can you get this cell trivia?
Fungi and the exoskeletons of arthropods are made of this ma
Phospholipids are this type of fat because they contain a double bond with less than the maximum number of hydrogens attached
Thought to have arisen because of an endosymbiotic relationship
Is like the trusses and beams of a building
Are cellular structures responsible for moving mucus and dust out of your lungs
The last last last word on page 67.
Mr. H's favorite organelle

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