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Can you name the true and false things?

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Harry wore the same glasses throughout the series (T/F)
Hedwig is male (T/F)
Harry broke the Elder Wand in half (T/F)
Dudley smoked in the 5th book. (T/F)
'Neither one can live while the other dies' is the prophecy that Harry heard (T/F)
Hermione took every class possible on her 3rd year (T/F)
Hermione destroyed Hufflepuff's cup (T/F)
Harry died (T/F)
Fang is a 'Golden Retriever' (T/F)
Crookshanks is half Kneazle (T/F )
The Sorting Hat considered putting Hermione in Ravenclaw (T/F)
Pettigrew faked his death by cutting his toe off (T/F)

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