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Can you name the Code Lyoko Related Objects/Abilities?

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DescriptionObject/AbilityCharacter Who Uses It
A power used as a weaponAeilita
Used to make thingsAeilia
Allows her to see what others cannotAelita
A weaponOdd
A defensive weaponOdd
Used in 'Triple Trouble'; No longer usedOdd
Used in earlier episodes; Deemed 'useless'Odd
A weaponUlrich
Used to get to places quickerUlrich
An ability used to give him a helping handUlrich
DescriptionObject/AbilityCharacter Who Uses It
A(n) ability/tactic used to defeat enemiesUlrich
A weaponYumi
An ability used to lift things without touching themYumi
A weaponWilliam
A way of transportation that involves not being in a solid form for some timeWilliam
A way of seeing what is going on in another sectorWilliam
A way of floating above groundWilliam
Used to hit a target not in range of the swordWilliam
Used to absorb Aeilita's Energy FieldsWilliam

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