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Can you answer these questions about the big ideas of Stephen Galloway's novel The Cellist of Sarajevo?

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What is Arrow's real name?
Where did Dragan send his wife and son at the beginning of the war?
How many people were killed in the shelling that inspired the Cellist to play?
What colour is used profusely to set the mood in the book?
What do Mrs. Ristovski's bottles lack that makes them a burden for Kenan to carry?
Arrow only kills what kind of people?
What building does Hasan bring Arrow to where he tells her to shoot an unarmed civilian?
Arrow's father was killed at a battle at what Sarajevo landmark?
Where does Dragan work?
Dragan moves the hatless man's body out of the view of what?
Emina was making a trip to where when she meets Dragan at the intersection?
What does Kenan see being sold at the black market by the man in the Mercedes?
Whose perspective do we see the Cellist's final performance from?
What do people leave for the Cellist that serve as a symbol of symbols of hope and rebirth?
What piece of music does the Cellist play?
Where does Arrow leave her father's gun at the end of the novel?
What birds are used as a metaphor to show how people can be dehumanized during times of war?
What bridge does Kenan choose to cross on his way back from the brewery?
What river runs through Sarajevo?
'A ____ is a manifestation of a decision that has already been made.'
'There is no way to tell which ___ of a lie is the truth.'
Kosevo Stadium, which now houses mass graves, was used during which year's Summer Olympic games?
Even though she does not want to, Arrow shoots the other sniper because it is her ___.
To Kenan, what mode of transportation serves as a symbol of civilization?
The Siege of Sarajevo took place during what international armed conflict?

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