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Main protagonist, son of Poseidon. AKA 'Seaweed Brain.'
Protagonist's best friend and later on his girlfriend. AKA 'Wise Girl.'
This boy is part goat. His favorite snack is aluminum cans.
Enjoys raising the dead via happy meals. He also has the hots for the protagonist.
One of the Hunters of Artemis, but unfortunately she dies soon after.
She was once a tree. Joins the Hunters of Artemis later on.
The biggest traitor that ever lived, but we feel bad for him anyway.
In a way she was a traitor, but she was actually pretty alright. She also dated a certain son of Hephaestus.
This guy was hella cool. I think he got blown up on a boat or something.
One of the leaders of the Hunters of Artemis. Unfortunately she dies at the end of book three.
Protagonist's half brother. Some people are afraid of him because he has only one eye, but he's a big sweetheart.
Part horse, trains the demigods at Camp Half-Blood and looks good doing it.
She has a boat... and an attitude.
This guy is literal superman meaning that he can fly.
She can make stones and gems appear at will, and she also used to be dead.
She's kind of terrifying but also pretty badass.
The actual biggest asshat that ever lived. His ego is bigger than the Titanic.
He can start fire with his hands, and he also has a giant metal dragon for a pet.
The most badass daughter of Aphrodite that ever lived.
He can shapeshift into different animals and he just really loves his bow and arrow.
Has the curse of unrequited love.
Is an excellent healer, and he's also gay af.
Probably the pettiest character in the whole series.
Hit the king titan with a blue plastic hairbrush. She also becomes the Oracle later on.
The best mom in the entire world.
The best stepdad in the entire world.
Smelly, ugly, mean, and gets turned to stone.
Strangely manly for a son of the rainbow goddess.
Loves yelling. And blowing his whistle. And calling people 'cupcake.'
An extremely stuck up daughter of Aphrodite. Everyone would love to see her fall off a cliff.
God with the biggest ego (and the biggest lightning bolts).
Enjoys trapping tortured souls in the folds of his robes.
Probably one of the most understanding gods honestly.
Likes marriage and peacocks. She's kinda mean but that's okay I guess.
The smartest and wisest goddess. We all love her.
This goddess is an independent woman and she don't need no man.
He's kind of annoying but everyone seems to like him I guess. He also has a really cool flying sports car.
Always drunk and always wearing cheetah print. He literally invented parties.
She knows how to live comfortably, and she enjoys every second of it.
Spends most of his time as a godly mailman and not paying attention to his children.
This goddess has no chill. She's always talking about grain for some reason.
Stunningly beautiful and makes sure her children all look the same way.
This god just really needs to control his temper. He also thinks that bleeding is an emotion.
He's kind of ugly but he has a good heart and that's all that matters.
He had a gay old time forcing one character to confess his crush (ha, see what I did there?).
Has a pretty good sense of humor for a horse.
Hates men almost way too much.
He's kind of a dummy but he's still very dangerous either way.
Past times include turning poor souls into stone.
Ate all of his children and then vomited them out. Real classy.
Way nastier than your stereotypical mean high school cheerleader.
All she wanted was to frolic in the fields of flowers but then she got kidnapped and now she lives in the Underworld. Tough luck.
Definitely the most gentle Titan. Also responds to the name 'Bob.'
He's really mean and also very shiny.
'He's got the whole world in his hands.' If you know what I mean.
She's kind of a megabitch but I get the feeling that she's just a little confused.
Flew just a little bit too high. Just a little.
Built an entire underground maze to cope with his grief.
The bestest girl. All she wants is to play fetch with a giant tennis ball.
She has the hots for a certain goat boy. Her tears are also green.
Either he's dead or he's just really good at hide and seek.
Likes the dark a little too much if you ask me.
He's a real big boy. Big enough for titans to be crawling around inside his body. That really can't be healthy.
Is the literal physical embodiment of death. I'm not kidding.
She lost her marbles. Completely.
Has a photographic memory and loves books more than her will to live. She's also pretty spazzy, but that's alright.
Gets really really drunk... off of Kool Aid.
The nicest wind spirit in the entire world.

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