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Can you name the Motherboard Abbreviations.

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IDCThe type of sockets fitted to ribbon cable.
CPUThe main calculating engine of the computer.
USB (1.1, 2.0, 3)A fast serial interface for multiple devices
CMOSBattery powered configuration memory
ATAThe connection used by IDE devices
PS/2A synchronous serial interface for mice and keyboards
HDDA mass storgae device usually fixed into the system unit.
Abbreviation AnswerInfo
CDROMA common type of removable media.
SATAA new faster alternative to (Parallel) ATA
CD-RA write-once version of a CDROM
POSTA program contained within the BIOS chip.
GPUThe calculating engine for the graphics subsystem.
BIOSThe motherboard's start-up program.
IDECombined HDD and Interface card.
Abbreviation AnswerInfo
RAMMain working space for programs and data
FSBCarries information between the CPU and the Chipset
NICA device that connects a computer to a network cable.
OSSoftware that manages the resources of the computer.
PSUThe Mains to low voltage converter inside a P.C.
CD-RWAn Erasable version a CD-R

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